My Chickens!

Pipsqueak, the pullet who was beat up by the others, is officially now a hen.!! She laid her first egg a few days ago.(: Everyone is doing good. I am just waiting for someone to go broody so I can hatch chicks. Minnie, my heifer, is doing good too. Oh, and if you haven’t heard.. Kastatka had her calf at SeaWorld San Diego.!!(:

Busy lately.! :/

I have been real busy lately..! I got a heifer and I am gonna show her in the fair.. so I have been working with her and haven’t really had time to post. She is 100% Limousine, black, and soo cute. She was born last year in April, so she is still a baby..(: BUT, back to the chickens. Everybody is doing good. Pipsqueak is loving her new coop, and she is healing nicely. I am still waiting for the test results from their saliva.. hopefully it comes back clear.!! I got the all clear from my mom that I was allowed to hatch some more eggs, so I am just waiting for someone to go broody and I am going to put some of my show hens eggs under her; and some from my non-show girls. Everybody is outside free-ranging, eating bugs and what not.. If you haven’t checked it out, here is the link to the ” 4-H EGG Cam ” ———->

All clear.!

The vet came, and everyone is clear and I am ready for fair.! I can’t wait to start hatching some chicks when it gets warmer out. I am gonna breed the show pair.. and keep a few, and sell the babies. Everyone is happy and healthy and Pip’s head is healing nicely and she is basically back to her old self.. just scared of the bigger chickens. I have to finish her new coop that we started to build for her yesterday. She won’t have to worry about being pecked to death now. I think I might either buy her a new friend that is calm, or the babies I am having from the show girl… just giver her one of those pullets as company.

Vet Check today~

I have somebody coming out today to make sure my chickens and ducks don’t have anything. I am scared though. This is their first check up so they can have anything, and I really hope they don’t D: Oh, and Pip is doing so much better and she is back to her normal self. Her head is just healing now.

Everyone is doing good. I am hoping that one of my hens goes broody soon so I can hatch out more babies. I am about to go let everyone out; starting the morning off a little late.

All the chickens are good, and my poor baby is doing better. I cant believe the other hens beat her up this bad. Everyone is jut relaxing now ( including her ) and now I am off to SeaWorld.! Yay.

Night Time.!

It is time for me to lock the chickens up. It is late though, hope they are all ok.! And my baby Pipsqueak is doing a little better. I just have to think positive and hope for the best.(:

Open head.

I came back today to find out that my youngest pullet got her head pecked really bad. I just feel so bad for her and hope she can pull through. I am going to build a separate coop for her and get her a nice friend that won’t peck her head open. She is seperated and has fresh food / water.

I haven’t seen my chickens in a few days. I hope they are alright. Nothing really to say since I haven’t been over there. But… MERRY CHIRSTMAS EVERYONE and hope you enjoy the fun, SAFE holidays with close friends and family.(:


Trua’s fluke rakes, Kayla’s chin bruise, Nalani’s fluke nick, Makaio’s fungus, and Trua’s bruise near his navel.

All photos are high-res, unwatermarked, and belong to me. Please, don’t post them outside of here, but do link back to this thread if you want to use them (as much as you want, in fact).

Taken on 23Dec12 at SeaWorld Orlando, Florida -> between the times of 1430 and 1730

I went that day too.! What a coincidence.! I saw both shows, they were awesome.. and I got pics interacing with the whales..